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Amiibo Card Zelda Toon Link!!

Amiibo Card Zelda Toon Link!!



Desbloquea aleatoriamente los siguientes items.

Cap of Wind (Exclusive)
Tunic of Wind (Exclusive)
Trousers of Wind (Exclusive)
Sea-Breeze Boomerang (Exclusive)
Knight’s Broadsword, Soldier’s Broadsword, Traveler’s Sword, Boomerang, Fire Arrow x5, Ice Arrow x5, Shock Arrow x5, Bomb Arrow x5
Hyrule Bass, Staminoka Bass, Chillfin Trout, Sizzlefin Trout, Voltfin Trout, Stealthfin, Trout, Mighty Carp, Armored Carp, Mighty Porgy, Armored Porgy, Hearty Bass, Hearty Salmon, Arrow x5

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